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General Description[]

The Abortion Law is a non cancellable policy in Democracy 3 that controls your preference in terms of abortion. You can either move towards banning it or encouraging it.

In Game Description[]

Few areas of policy incite stronger emotions that the debate over abortion. On the 'pro-life' side, are arguments about the rights of an unborn child, and arguments are often made from a religious standpoint. On the 'pro-choice' side, there is the argument that the State should not have more say over what a woman does with her body than she does. Making any change to the State's position on abortion requires a hefty amount of political capital.


The slider goes from:

-Total Ban

-Life Threatened

-Limited Circumstances

-2 Doctors' Approval

-On Demand

Limited circumstances pleases the Liberals and the Religious. Total Ban would extremely antagonize the liberals but would content the religious and the conservatives. On Demand would greatly incense the religious and slightly madden the conservatives but will satisfy the liberals. The policy does not require money but yields a considerable 26 political capital to raise and 19 to lower.

Additional Information[]

  • The Abortion Law is an example of the Religious-Conservative connection. You will observe many policies that please or anger both the conservatives and the religious alike. If you wish to gladden one of the groups, you will most likely gratify the other.
  • The Abortion Law policy is very similar to the Creationism vs Evolution policy, both relating to religious aspects, both having a high political capital cost, both being very controversial, both being liberal vs religious and both usually set to neutral at the start.