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Airline Tax is a policy in Democracy 3 that can be implemented to have fuel for airplanes taxed. It is located in the tax category. This tax brings in money based on how much air travel is occurring in the country.

In-Game Description[]

"Airline fuel has generally not been subject to taxation. Supporters of air fuel taxes insist that this results in an unfair subsidy on an environmentally destructive form of transport. The airlines point out that taxing airline fuel will just encourage them to refuel elsewhere thereby diverting funds from our economy"

Political Capital[]

Implementation time: 1

Introduction cost: 28

Raise cost: 13

Lower cost: 7

Cancel cost: 15

Income: (115 - 7015) * Air Travel

Effects on Statistics[]

-Decreases GDP.
-Decreases air travel.
-Decreases middle earnings.
-Decreases tourism.

Effects on Voter Groups[]

-Decreases capitalist happiness.
-Increases environmentalist happiness.