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The policy of Armed Police is one where at least some members of the nation's law enforcement are allowed (or required) to carry firearms.

Armed police can help deter criminals, reducing the Crime and Violent Crime rates by up to 20% each. They can also prevent or help resolve potentially deadly situations, such as cases of Armed Robbery, Class Warfare, Inner City Riots, Organised Crime, and rampant Street Gangs. Unfortunately, armed police can be seen as a symbol of oppression and draconian social control, upsetting the Liberals.

Political Capital[]

Implementation time: 3

Introduction cost: 50

Raise cost: 10

Lower cost: 19

Cancel cost: 48


(cost: 300 - 960)

At 0%, only a single department of firearm specialists (such as SWAT members) will be armed.

At 25%, every law enforcement department will have an armed division.

At 50%, most officers will carry guns.

At 75%, every single officer will have a gun.

At 100%, every officer will have fully automatic weapons.