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Some nations opt to Ban Sunday Shopping as a policy, either in order to officially recognize the Christian concept of a "day of rest" or simply as a convenient way to ensure that all workers get at least one day of the weekend off.

This ban is favored by the Religious for being faith-based and, to a lesser extent, favored by Trade Unionists for giving workers time off. However, this ban will cause a small drop in the GDP due to the lost commerce and is opposed by Liberals who don't like faith-based laws and bans.

Political Capital[]

Implementation time: 1

Introduction cost: 36

Raise cost: 15

Lower cost: 10

Cancel cost: 21

Cost/Income: None


+Religious{0.12} (0)

-Liberal{0.08} (0)

-GDP{0.02} (0)

+Trade Unionist{0.06} (0)

(Slider position has no effect)