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Setting up CCTV Cameras in public areas is a policy that deters criminal acts. This policy is favored by Conservatives - who feel safer in areas with cameras - but is derided by Liberals - who consider them invasions of privacy and find their presence Orwellian.

CCTV Cameras directly reduce Crime and Violent Crime and raise Security, but they can also help combat instances of Antisocial Behaviour, Armed Robbery, Class Warfare, Inner City Riots, the presence of Street Gangs, and Vigilante Mobs.

Political Capital[]

Implementation time: 2

Introduction cost: 28

Raise cost: 9

Lower cost: 7

Cancel cost: 28


-Liberal (0)

-Crime (4)

-Violent Crime (3)

+Conservatives (0)

-Street Gangs (0)

-Antisocial Behaviour (0)

-Vigilante Mobs (0)

-Inner City Riots (0)

-Race Riots (0)