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Community Policing is a policy where members of the police force are encouraged to integrate with their community, making citizens more cooperative with the police and discouraging crime through communication instead of control.

Community policing is favored by Liberals and can reduce Crime by up to 13% and Violent Crime by up to 10%. It can also prevent or lessen instances of Antisocial Behaviour, Binge Drinking, and Street Gangs.


Working with the community rather than attempting to control it. Community policing encourages the police to better understand the needs of the local community, especially in areas with ethnic minorities. Critics see this as an expensive waste of money which could be spent on more direct methods to cut crime.

Political Capital[]

Implementation time: 5

Introduction cost: 1

Raise cost: 0

Lower cost: 2

Cancel cost: 6


Cost: 100 - 639

+Liberal {0.05+(0.05*x)} (0)

-Crime {-0.02-(0.05*x)} (4)

-Violent Crime {-0.02-(0.03*x)} (4)

-Racial Tension {0-(0.08*x)} (4)

+Liberalism (8)

-Unemployment (0)

-Street Gangs (4)

-Antisocial Behaviour (4)

-Alcohol Abuse (4)