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Conservatives are a voter group.

Conservatives are supporters of social stability. They believe in traditional values, support a hardline stance against crime, and oppose the abortion, stem-cell research, drug legalization, and extramarital relations.

IN DEMOCRACY 4 The polar oppsoite of liberals, conservatives are big supporters of what is generally thought of as 'family' or 'traditional' values. This group is likely to oppose liberalization of drug policy, and to be outraged by sexual scandals or misdeeds. Conservatives are not keen on identity politics, gay marriage, infidelity or legalized prostitution.


In Democracy 3, conservatives are 25% more likely to be religious and 10% less likely to be environmentalist.

  • Race Discrimination Act: <
  • Private Prisons: >
  • Prisons Regime: < (Gentle) | > (Harsh)
  • Police Force: (Depends on its spending)
  • Narcotics: (Depends on its legalization)
  • Inheritance Tax: <


Citizens are influenced to become conservatives because of low liberalism.

Pressure Groups[]

In Democracy 3, dissatisfied conservatives may join the Traditional Values Alliance to make their demands heard and, if ignored, may radicalize and join the Moral Crusade.