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Violent crime

Crime is the violation of the laws of a country. There are two categories of crime; ordinary Crime and Violent Crime. Ordinary Crime is general, non-violent violations of the law, such as car crime, theft, fraud, and other similar crimes. Violent Crime is crime that involves physical assault, such as mugging, rape, and homicide.

The rates of both kinds of crime are measured as overall indicators of how often crimes of their type take place in a nation. High crime rates of either kind are universally hated by everyone in the nation and can lead to various bad Situations if they get too big. Ordinary crime can also lower a country's GDP while violent crime can greatly upset the Retired, who are less able to defend themselves.

There's many policies that help in combating crime. Unfortunately, most of them upset the Liberals for potentially lowering the civil liberties and freedom a nation's citizens enjoy. Apart from having well-funded Police, Private Prisons, and Prisons, the only crime-fighting policies Liberals won't oppose are Community Policing and Youth Club Subsidies.


Default: 55%


-Everyone {0-(0.13*x)}

-GDP {0-(0.08*x)}