Democracy Wiki

General Description[]

Electronic Direct Democracy is a Law and Order policy in Democracy 3 'Clones and Drones' expansion that makes everyone, youth and liberals happy but displeases the State Employees and reduces their membership.

In Game Description[]

Electronic Direct Democracy is a form of democracy that utilizes the internet to facilitate public participation. Liberals have been calling for it for decades but the state employees are wary. The policy is also more popular with younger net-savvy voters than the elderly.


The slider goes from:

- District Votes

- Regional Votes

- Federal State Votes

- Referendum Requests

- Constitutional Changes

At the minimum, you would slightly upset the state employees and moderately irritate the retired. However, you would reasonably indulge the youth and the liberals. At maximum, you would insignificantly gratify everyone, dissatisfy the state employees and reduce their membership, entice the liberals to a large scale, thrill the youth and significantly enrage the elderly. Both costs are pretty low: from approximately 90 million to about 550 million dollars. On the other hand, the policy is exceedingly demanding in political capital, setting you back by 55 political capital.

Advice for Beginners[]

You need to pick an exceptional cabinet to afford this policy.