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Environmentalists are a voter group.

Environmentalists are ecologically conscious citizens who want a clean Environment and low CO2 Emissions. They support policies which help clean up and protect nature and oppose polluting industries and over-development.

IN DEMOCRACY 4, Environmentalist can align with any part of the political spectrum, but they share a concern about pollution, climate change and animal rights. There is a vast range of policies that can address these issues, but environmentalists are concerned more with the outcome than the methods. Pollution and severe weather events will push more citizens into joining the environmentalist groups.


Environmentalists are 20% less likely to be motorists.


Policies which encourage citizens to take part in ecological efforts (such as a Hybrid Cars Initiative, Microgeneration Grants, Eco-home regulations, Smart Meter Program, Keep The Country Tidy Campaign, Mandatory Microgeneration, Electric Cars initiative, and Recycling) will inspire them to become environmentalists.

Other Voters[]

Environmentalists get along fairly well with farmers, except on animal rights issues like hunting, fishing, and animal welfare. Though they typically oppose motorists, the two groups often agree on issues such as fuel efficiency and hybrid vehicles. The biggest opposition environmentalists face is from capitalists.

Pressure Groups[]

Poor environmentalists who are dissatisfied with their nation's policies for too long may join the violent Green Brigade. Less radical environmentalists with moderate wealth may join the peaceful Wildlife Trust.

In Democracy 3, environmentalists may either join the Friends Of The Planet (especially if poor) or the Wildlife Trust (especially if moderate wealthy). While the Wildlife Trust doesn't have an extremist branch, dissatisfied Friends Of The Planet may radicalize and join the Warriors Of Gaia.