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Events have a chance of occurring each turn and causing temporary effects to statistics such as voter relations. Unlike dilemmas, events don't present the player with any options and will always cause the same effects.

Event Description Chance of Occurring Influences Effects
Aerospace Contract Won! One of our aircraft companies has just won a huge contract to produce new planes. This is great news for the industry, and superb news for employment and the economy as a whole! Pundits are saying a business-friendly tax system is one reason we got the contract. 0% to 150% Up to -40% from a Corporation Tax
Up to -44% from a Sales Tax
+3% GDP
-8% Unemployment
Age Concern Protest A major pressure group representing the interests of the elderly has staged a dramatic and noisy protest in our capital city. The groups leaders have heavily criticized government policies and the media is sympathetic to their cause. 0% to 30% Up to -70% from high Retired relations -11% relations with everyone
Athlete Wins Gold Medal! Nothing inspires our citizens like one of their countrymen achieving dramatic success in sport! The feel good factor from this fantastic sporting achievement is likely to take peoples minds off their problems and maybe even stop them criticizing their leaders for a short while! 0% to 16% Anywhere from +65% to +15% depending on approval rating +48% Patriot relations
Car Company Shuts Plant A major employer in our nation has just shut down one of its car factories making a thousand citizens redundant. A drop in car usage by our citizens as well as poor labor productivity are being cited as the major causes for the shutdown which reflects badly on your government. 0% to 20% Up to -34% from heavy Car Usage
Up to -22% from high Productivity
-7% GDP
+6% Unemployment
Celebrity Endorsement! We live in a celebrity obsessed age. Normally we criticize this phenomena, but not today! A top pop star has gone on the record as saying that you are doing a superb job! This is going to reflect very nicely in your approval ratings. 0% to 20% Anywhere from 85% to 10% depending on approval rating +9% relations with everyone
Celebrity Kidnapped The national newspapers are outraged at the news that one of our top sports stars has been kidnapped by a gang demanding ransom money. People see this as yet further evidence that our police force have just lost control. This is going to upset our citizens, who already feel at risk from crime. Maybe we should consider some measures to improve law enforcement? ? Up to -40% from a well-funded Police Force
Up to -22% from widespread use of CCTV Cameras
-60% Conservative relations
-25% Wealthy relations
Church Attacked! A prominent church in your capital city has been razed to the ground by a firebomb, after what appeared to be a sectarian riot between rival religious groups. The press are doing little to minimize the disastrous effect this will have for race relations in our country. 20% to 40% Up to +30% from a high approval rating
Up to +30% from high Crime
-10% relations with everyone
-27% Religious relations
-12% Religious membership
+25% Racial Tension
Disastrous Crop Unusually bad weather has ruined many of the crops that our citizens grow. This is very bad news for our farmers, who will lose millions in lost sales in the short term, and could suffer in the long term too as food retailers look to overseas providers to fill the gap. Its a big blow to the rural economy. 0% to 20% Up to +70% from a high approval rating -50% Farmer relations
-10% GDP
Disease Cured! Scientists throughout the land have cracked open champagne to celebrate the cure of another infectious disease. This fantastic breakthrough has been made possible by our steady investment in Health and a team of highly educated and skilled scientists. This is excellent 'feel-good' news which should help our poll ratings. ? Up to +60% from a well-funded State Health Service +40% Parent relations
$2,000 in income
Earthquake! Last night our country experienced its worst earthquake for years, many businesses have seen their premises wrecked, many people have lost their homes. The cleanup cost will be high and this is likely to have a detrimental effect on our economy for quite a while. We can expect a dramatic drop in GDP over the short term, which is going to eat into our tax income. However, we have built up a strategic reserve of cash right? 0% to 20% Up to 62% from a high approval rating -20% relations with everyone
-18% GDP
$4,800 in expenditures
Must have earthquakes enabled
Embassy Attacked Our Embassy in the middle east country of Niraqh has been attacked by extremists armed with rocket-propelled grenades. 17 Embassy staff, including 6 local interpreters have been killed, and 20 more injured. Television news is implying that it is government cut-backs in defense spending that are to blame for the poor level of security at our Embassies. Naturally, patriotic citizens are outraged. 70% to 122% Up to -100% from high Military Spending -18% relations with everyone
-45% Patriot relations
+21% Patriot membership
Environmental Protest A green pressure group has staged a dramatic protest outside our government buildings calling the media's attention to the poor air quality in our cities. The leader of the greens is blaming you personally for failing to put the environment at the top of the governments agenda. 0% to 14% Anywhere between +20% and +90% depending on Air Quality
Fishing Boat Sunk One of our fishing boats has been attacked and sunk with the loss of 5 of the crew. Piracy is blamed, and the fishermen's union has blamed the poor protection from our navy for this tragedy. Newspapers are also putting the blame on you for failing to give this country the military protection that it needs. 0% to 22% Anywhere between +80% and +20% depending on Military Spending -23% relations with everyone
-50% Patriot relations
Flagship Company Leaves Inter-Tel Communications, one of the largest and most successful telecom companies in the country has announced that it is shifting its headquarters to another country to save on its tax bill. This is going to cause some unemployment, as well as accusations that our government is taxing businesses too heavily 0% Up to +50% from a Corporation Tax
Up to +55% from a Sales Tax
-10% Capitalist relations
+5% Unemployment
Highway Collapses One of the on ramps for a major highway has suffered a catastrophic collapse, injuring several motorists, and causing traffic chaos for miles. It transpires that warnings were issued months ago about the condition of the road, but government have not made enough funds available for maintenance. Commuters and motorists are outraged. 0% to 100% Up to -50% from Road Building -20% Commuter relations
-32% Motorist relations
Hurricane! A severe hurricane has hit our country causing major destruction. In the short term this is going to cause a drop in GDP as businesses hit by the hurricane have to rebuild. 0% to 20% Up to 70% from a high approval rating -9% relations with everyone
-16% GDP
$2,100 in expenditures
Must have hurricanes enabled
Immigration Scandal A random check of the food packaging industry has found a shocking number of people doing low paid jobs without work permits. Opponents of immigration are outraged that the government has been unable to control our borders, and the unemployed are angry that foreigners are taking their jobs. The media are running strongly worded editorials about the governments immigration policy. 40% to 100% Anywhere from -10% to -60% from Border Controls
Up to +70% from high Immigration
-10% Conservative relations
-10% Patriot relations
-40% Poor relations
Internet Economy Business leaders have declared that our country is one of the most internet and technology centered economies in the world. A record number of our citizens now shop and work over the internet, and broadband web access is now almost universal. 0% to 80% Up to 90% from widespread Internet Access
Internet Scandal The down-market newspapers have picked up on a number of 'scandalous websites' including those containing race hatred and instructions on bomb making and other crimes. Some of our more conservative citizens are outraged that the internet is not more effectively policed and censored. It might not be possible for us to completely police the net, but the public perception is that we just aren't doing enough. 30% to 60% Up to 35% from widespread Internet Access
Up to -39% from heavy Internet Censorship
-50% Conservative relations
Island Invaded You may have forgotten that technically we have sovereignty of the tiny pacific island of Marbudos. Well, the good news is that we still technically do, but the bad news is that as of 9AM this morning, we no longer have effective control of the island. Separatist rebels stormed the governors building and seized control of the entire island, meeting with very little opposition. If we had a stronger military we would have a better garrison on the island and this would not have happened. There is nothing we can do now, but Patriots are outraged you let this happen. 40% to 90% Up to -91% from high Military Spending
Up to +60% from approval rating
-55% Patriot relations
+17% Patriot membership
Labor Survey The latest annual Labor survey shows that unemployment in our country is extremely low, made up mostly of people between jobs or retraining rather than actually unable to find work. This is being attributed to shrewd economic policies by your government. 0% to 12% Up to -100% from high Unemployment
Landfill Protests Green protesters have staged a noisy protest at the location of a proposed landfill site on the outskirts of one of our cities. Local people are also angry at the placement of the site. Campaigners say the government needs to do more to encourage recycling and reduce waste unless they want to find yet more sites for landfill and face more protests. 50% to 87% Anywhere from -10% to -27% from Recycling
Anywhere from -5% to -14% from a Plastic Bag Tax
-12% Environmentalist relations
Legal Scandal! Confidence in our legal system has dropped through the floor after investigative journalists have discovered a number of serious 'miscarriages of justice' including people found guilty of murder despite minimal evidence. There is outrage amongst liberals who blame the government for completely inadequate provision of legal safeguards to ensure the rights of the accused. 60% to 100% Up to -33% from widespread Jury Trials
Up to -28% from extensive Legal Aid
-40% Liberal relations
Mad Cow Epidemic Bovine spungiformide encepalopathy, also known as BSE or 'Mad Cow Disease' has infected our national herd. This is absolutely devastating news for farmers who will be forced to have most of their cattle destroyed. Advocates of organic farming are blaming a lack of government support for organic farming as one of the causes, but either way, farmers are furious. 30% to 95% Up to -37% from an Organic Subsidy
Up to -20% from high Science Funding
-66% Farmer relations
$8,200 in expenditures
Market Meltdown We may not have done anything wrong, but a crisis in confidence in the overseas mortgage market has led to a global meltdown for the stock market. Big financial institutions are panicking and there is likely to be a major international credit squeeze. the upshot of this will be a major hit to our economy in the short term. 0% to 20% Up to +70% from a high GDP
Up to +50% from high approval ratings
-31% Capitalist relations
-56% GDP
Media Backlash! One of our countries most popular newspapers has launched a major campaign criticizing your policies so far. This is bound to have a negative effect on your approval rating with all of this newspapers readers. 10% to 30% Up to +80% from high approval ratings -16% relations with everyone
Military Whistleblower A corporal in our armed forces has left the army and spoken out to the media about drastic shortages and lack of basic training being provided to our military. Naturally this is outraging the more patriotic sections of the media, and there is widespread concern throughout society that we have let our armed forces degenerate so badly. 20% to 120% Up to -50% from high Military Spending
Up to -20% from a National Service
-12% relations with everyone
-20% Patriot relations
Ministerial Scandal! It might not be anything to do with your policies or your personal conduct, but the actions of your staff are going to reflect on you. One of your junior ministers has been found to have an 'improper' relationship with his secretary. Our more conservative citizens are bound to disapprove and this could make for a noticeable drop in our popularity. 20% to 40% Up to +65% from high approval ratings -10% relations with everyone
-25% Conservative relations
-20% Religious relations
Miracle Operation Doctors have successfully reattached a hand to a man who was involved in a serious car accident. The success of the operation has been attributed to our countries superb health care and technical knowledge. This is great news for the image of our public services. 0% to 24% Up to +100% from long Lifespans
Up to +22% from high Literacy
+10% relations with everyone
Monument Vandalized Vandalism on our streets has reached new heights today when a gang of young thugs defaced our scared (sic) war memorial. It seems that crime has got completely out of control and no place is safe from the thugs and the vandals. Conservative voters are likely to be especially disappointed that things have got this bad. 0% to 20% Up to +92% from high Crime -44% Conservative relations
Nobel Prize One of our brightest citizens has won the Nobel Prize for chemistry. This just goes to show that we have some of the best educated and brightest people in the modern world, and is being reported as a superb vindication of our education policies. Its also likely to encourage investment into the country now we are seen as such innovators! 0% to 40% Up to 400% from high Literacy
Up to +28% from large University Grants
+20% Liberal relations
+30% Patriot relations
+10% Patriot membership
+6% GDP
Oil Pipeline Attacked We have just heard that there has been an attack on an oil pipeline in a neighboring country, apparently by a rebel faction, and that oil supplies to our country may be under threat. Other nations look like they will be stockpiling oil as a result, to insulate themselves against the effects of repeat attacks, and as a result, the supply of oil to us has fallen and may take a while to recover. 40% to 100% -21% Patriot relations
-25% Oil Supply
Overseas Famine TV news is showing blanket coverage of the dreadful famine happening in Molvania. Liberals will be horrified that our government has not done more to provide overseas aid to poor countries like this. Our foreign affairs department is already being heavily criticized by the liberal media. 40% to 100% Up to -60% from high Foreign Aid -60% Liberal relations
-20% Foreign Relations
Pension Fund Scandal One of our largest manufacturing companies has just been investigated by the fraud department and a major pension fraud has been discovered. As well as putting this company out of business, this scandal also renders the pensions of thousands of people completely worthless. This is going to really upset our retired citizens, who will fear for their own pension arrangements. 0% to 84% -72% Retired relations
Poverty Report The international commission for equality has issued a report that’s truly damning of your governments inability to control inequality. Your government has been singled out as one of the least egalitarian in the world which is causing outrage in the liberal and socialist press. 0% to 15% Up to +400% from high Poverty -12% Liberal relations
-50% Socialist relations
-40% Trade Unionist relations
Poverty Under Control Charities have happily announced that Poverty is not a serious issue anywhere in our country. A series of government measures have managed to get poverty easily under control, and these charities say our poverty rates compare fantastically with many of our neighboring countries. -10% to 10% Anywhere from +90% to +5% from high Poverty +4% relations with everyone
Priceless Art Theft A gang of expert thieves have stolen one of the most famous paintings from the national portrait gallery. The media are drawing attention to the inability of our police force to solve crimes such as this. Maybe this is a sign that we need to spend more money on law enforcement and crime prevention. The conservative media are especially outraged. 0% to 20% Up to +100% from high Crime -24% Conservative relations
Prison Riot One of our largest prisons is the focus of tonight's news as prisoners have gone on the rampage, setting fires and shouting protests from the rooftops of some prison buildings. The prisoners aren't getting much sympathy in the press, but its also pretty clear that we need to spend some more money on the prison service if we are going to prevent this happening again. 30% to 95% Up to -50% from well-funded Prisons -20% Conservative relations
-40% Liberal relations
Religious Condemnation The head of the church has called upon you to resign and told his followers not to vote for you or support your party. You have been described as an amoral and spiritually corrupt leader who should not be given the support of the church. 10% to 15% Anywhere from +80% to +10% depending on Religious relations
Religious Endorsement The head of our countries most popular church has called upon its followers to support you in the next election. You have been described as a deeply religious and spiritual leader who has kept religion in mind when setting government policy. 10% to 15% Up to +70% from high Religious relations
Rocket Crash A high profile rocket launch has gone wrong, dramatically setting back our nations space program. The Failure is being seen as a general sign of a lack of technical ability amongst our citizens, and there are calls for the govt. to invest more in technology and education. 60% to 120% Up to -40% from high Literacy
Up to -35% from widespread Internet Access
Up to -40% from large Technology Grants
Up to -20% from high Science Funding
$100 in expenditures
School Shooting 13 students have been killed in a shooting at one of our schools, before police arrived and shot and killed the perpetrators. Parents are outraged and the newspapers and TV are blaming the government for not doing enough to prevent firearms getting into the wrong hands. 0% to 22% Up to +70% from high Violent Crime
Up to -50% from strict Handgun Laws
Up to 30% from Community Policing
-12% Conservative relations
-35% Parent relations
Scientific Discovery! For years we have wondered why those scientists spend so much time in underground tunnels mumbling about quarks and mesons, but today a major scientific discovery was announced concerning new particles, colliders and other physics mumbo-jumbo. While its true that teleportation and hyperspace aren't with us yet, this is still great news for high tech industry and a superb payoff for such an educated workforce. 0% to 40% Up to +50% from large University Grants
Up to +40% from high Science Funding
+16% Patriot relations
+6% GDP
Spy Scandal One of our senior intelligence officials has turned out to be a double agent for an unfriendly nation. This has opened up our intelligence services to ridicule, patriotic citizens are outraged and there are suggestions that national security is not being taken seriously by the current government. 0% to 22% Up to -42% from extensive Intelligence Services -7% relations with everyone
-40% Patriot relations
Stress Epidemic Doctors have warned that our businesses are working people too hard which is leading to dangerously high levels of stress for people with full time jobs. There are calls for limits on the hours that people work to be better enforced by central government. 0% to 12% Anywhere from +20% to +80% due to a long Working Week
Superhero??? News stations are buzzing with reports that a 'caped man' has been seen fighting crime in our cities. Already a number of high profile arrests have been unofficially attributed to the 'masked stranger'. It’s a sign of how bad things have become on our streets that our citizens are turning to super heroes for help. 0% to 20% Up to 92% from Crime
Up to 30% from Violent Crime
-20% Crime
-20% Violent Crime
Sweatshop Scandal We might have thought that sweatshops were things found in other, less prosperous countries, but a recent TV documentary has bought the issue of local homegrown sweatshops into the public eye. It seems a number of companies making clothing are literally paying slave wages to a large number of employees, especially those from ethnic minorities. This is not going to go down well with Trade Unionists or the Liberals. 70% to 100% Up to -38% from a high Average Income
Anywhere from +30% to -30% depending on Equality
-40% Liberal relations
-80% Poor relations
-66% Trade Unionist relations
Tech Firm Closure Maybe it’s a global tech bubble bursting, but its still tragic news that InterGeek INC shut its doors and moved overseas today. Some people are saying that this is a major vote of no-confidence in the technological capabilities of our workforce, and in any case its bad news for the hundreds of people made redundant today. 45% to 89% Up to -30% from widespread Internet Access
Up to -60% from high Productivity
-45% Capitalist relations
-9% GDP
+8% Unemployment
Terrorist Attack! Disastrous news! A terrorist cell have successfully set off a car bomb in the middle of our capital, killing 3, wounding dozens and spreading fear throughout the country. Many people are calling for an immediate investigation into why the intelligence services could not do more to prevent such an atrocity. Patriots are also outraged that we have let these foreign terrorists get the upper hand. 22% to 80% Up to 100% from high Terrorism
Up to 30% from a high approval rating
-70% Conservative relations
-70% Patriot relations
+20% Patriot membership
$12,000 in expenditures
Terrorists Captured! Some of our brave soldiers fighting abroad have located and captured some terrorists who were planning an attack against us. This is a great day for the security and freedom of our country. 10% to 25% Up to +52% from well-funded Intelligence Services
Anywhere from -20% to +30% from Military Spending
+18% relations with everyone
+45% Patriot relations
+80% Patriot membership
Train Crash For years people have complained about under-investment in our rail network and today they were vindicated when a packed commuter train came off the rails at high speed. At least 15 people have been killed and over a hundred injured, but its likely that this will be a sore point with every rail commuter in the country. It would be difficult to put off investment in the rail system under these circumstances. 50% to 80% Up to -55% from high Rail Subsidies -59% Commuter relations
$102 in expenditures


Event Description Effects
Flash Crash Automated trading has rendered the stock market so fragile that a single large trade has sent stocks into a sudden spiral. Economists are calling for the immediate introduction of rules for automated trading to prevent such a disaster from ever happening again. Our GDP took a severe blow. -8% Currency Strength
-30% GDP
-13% Wealthy(Income)
Food Price Crisis Global demand and overseas production falls have resulted in a massive spike in food prices. This will obviously affect the poorest in society the most, although it might also prevent those citizens of ours who eat too much from continuing to expand their waistlines. -31% Poor Earnings
-21% Poor
-15% Obesity
-6% GDP
________ Rate Rise A lack of confidence by ________ lenders has resulted in a rise in interest rates for home-buyers. This will cause a drop in income (and no-doubt confidence) amongst the home-owning middle classes, and in come cases, may cause repossessions and homelessness. -31% Middle Income
-21% Middle Income(Income)
+11% Homelessness
Bird Flu Outbreak Scientists worries have been proven justified after a strain of avian flu has been discovered that can be passed from birds to humans. Although this disease is in a weaker form and is unlikely to kill. it is going to put serious strain on our health provision and may have a resulting impact on productivity and thus the economy. -15% Everyone
-42% Health
+90% State Health Service(Cost)
-45% Productivity
-85% Tourism