A nation's Foreign Relations measures its average standing on the international stage. High foreign relations are essential for developing International Trade and the Tourism industry, reducing Racial Tension, and preventing Terrorism. In addition, a nation's level of foreign relations will affect the number of Patriots within the nation; above average foreign relations discourages nationalism while below average relations encourages it.

Causes Edit

Simulation values Edit

CO2 Emissions


Child Labor

Civil Uprising

Extreme Nationalism

Policies Edit

Foreign Aid, 0% to 48%, Inertia 4

Import Tariffs, -12,94% to 0%, Inertia 0

International Fusion Research Project, 0% to 12,13%, Inertia 0

Power Block Alignment, 0% to 8.09%, Inertia 8

Regional Integration and Tariffs, 0% to 12,13%, Inertia 8

Overseas Investment Restriction, -8.09% to 0%, Inertia 0

Foreign Investment Restrictions, -16.17% to 0%, Inertia 4

Drone Strike, -16.17% to 0%, Inertia 0

Diplomatic Service

Tourism Ad Campaign

Arts Subsidies

Trade Council

Flags on Every Street Corner (Bug?)

Intelectual Property Rights

Torture Use

Events Edit

Ban livestock Imports