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A nation can legalize Gambling via a policy which sets in place just how regulated and monitored the nation's gambling industry is.

Gambling is seen as a sin by the Religious and can provide Organised Crime syndicates with a place to set up shop, but Liberals see it as an act of freedom and capitalists enjoy the new market it provides. The casinos that this policy allows also help to improve the nation's GDP and provide jobs to reduce Unemployment.

Political Capital[]

Implementation time: 3

Introduction cost: 27

Raise cost: 19

Lower cost: 14

Cancel cost: 32


Cost/Income: None

+Liberal {0+(0.08*x)} (0)

-Religious {0-(0.15*x)} (0)

+GDP {0+(0.04*x)} (6)

-Unemployment {0-(0.03*x)} (4)

+Capitalist {0.01+(0.04*x)} (0)

+Organized Crime (0)