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A nation's Handgun Laws are an uncancellable policy that involves the sale and ownership of firearms among the nation's civilians.

Lenient handgun laws are favored by both Liberals and Patriots while strict laws are favored by Parents and will reduce the rate of Violent Crime. Although most nations have balanced laws (allowing some guns to be sold only to licensed citizens), some nations may opt to ban guns completely while others may do away with any restriction on them.

If you are playing in the United States, handgun laws will have no effect on violent crime. The other effects still apply.


At 0%, there's no legal limits on civilian firearm ownership whatsoever.

At 16%, the only weapons restricted for civilian use are military-grade machine guns.

At 33%, fully automatic weapons of any kind are restricted from civilian ownership.

At 50%, civilians must apply for and receive a license before they can own a firearm.

At 66%, civilians must be of a minimum age before they can acquire a license to own a firearm.

At 83%, civilian firearm ownership is very strictly controlled and monitored.

At 100%, all firearms will be banned from civilian use.