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Liberals are a voter group.

Liberals are supporters of social freedom. They have a distrust for most forms of authority, support the separation of church and state, and oppose any laws that prevent citizens taking actions of their own or making a free choice in a moral issue, such as consumption of products having a negative impact on health (alcohol, tobacco, drugs) or prostitution.


In Democracy 3, liberals are 20% less likely to be religious and 10% more likely to be environmentalist.


Citizens are influenced to become liberals because of high liberalism.

Pressure Groups[]

Liberals, especially from the middle income bracket, may join the peaceful Human Rights Society if they feel their nation is lacking in social freedoms. Other liberals may join the peaceful Secular Society to lobby against any religious policies.

In Democracy 3, dissatisfied liberals - especially from the middle income bracket - may join the Human Rights Society to make their demands heard and, if ignored, may radicalize and join the Freedom League.