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A nation's Military Spending is an uncancellable policy that dictates how much funding goes towards building and maintaining military facilities, training and equipment for soldiers, and paying the wages of military personnel.

The higher the military's funding is, the less Terrorism will occur, the lower the Unemployment rate will be, the happier the Patriots will be, the happier and richer State Employees will be, and the more people will become state employees. The one downside to high military spending is that it upsets Liberals.


cost: (1000 - 10030)*(0.9+(0.2*Wages))

+/-Patriot (0)

-Unemployment (0)

+State Employees (0)

+State Employees(Membership) (0)

-State Employees(Income) (0)

-Liberal (0)

[El] +Strong Leader (0)


57% funding is the bare minimum amount the military can have without upsetting the Patriots.