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Motorists are a voter group.

Motorists are car lovers who enjoy driving as a form of recreation. In order to better pursue their hobby, they want as little Traffic Congestion and as low an Oil Price as possible. They also support government programs which make cars and fuel cheaper and easier to get while opposing policies that lead to less space on the road.


Motorists are 20% less likely to be environmentalists.


Car Usage and the local Oil Price can change the number of people who drive recreationally, with high usage and low prices making motoring more viable and low usage and high prices making it less so. High Traffic Congestion, a Car Tax, and a Petrol Tax can also turn people away from driving for fun.

Other Groups[]

Motorists have a rivalry with the more vocational-minded commuters; while motorists favor clear and open roads to drive around on recreationally, commuters demand large systems of mass transportation which often means big, slow-moving buses and replacing roads with rails. Motorists also tend to rattle sabres with environmentalists, though both groups enjoy government subsidies for cleaner fuels and hybrid vehicles.

Pressure Groups[]

Motorists don't have their own pressure group.