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Patriots are a voter group.

Patriots take a hardline stance when it comes to both personal and national security. They support firearms, the military, and anti-immigration measures.


Patriots are 20% less likely to be part of any Ethnic Minorities.


Poor Foreign Relations and rampant Racial Tension will encourage nationalist sentiments while good relations and low tension will discourage it. In addition, Citizenship Tests, National Service, and having a Space Program will all inspire patriotic behavior.

Other Groups[]

Patriots tend to get along well with Conservatives (as both groups support anti-crime measures) and State Employees (as both groups support national institutions). Their nationalist attitudes often put them at odds with the globally-minded Liberals; the only thing the two groups can agree on is the right to bear arms. In Democracy 3, they're also often in opposition to Ethnic Minorities.

Pressure Group[]

Patriots who are dissatisfied with their nation's policies for too long may join the violent True Way pressure group.

In Democracy 3, dissatisfied patriots - especially poor ones - may join the Patriot Party to make their demands heard and, if ignored, may radicalize and join the Patriot Army.