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The Religious are a voter group.

Although there are many religions, members of the religious group in Democracy games are largely based off of modern day conservative Christians, a highly influential voting group in the United States. They support political endorsements of their religion, religious teachings in schools, and laws that enforce bible-based morality.


Policies which endorse the teaching of religion will increase the number of people who act on the religious teachings. These policies include a pro-creationist stance on Creationism, Faith School Subsidies, and School Prayers.

Policies which endorse critical thinking and advanced scientific reasoning discourage people from mixing religion and politics. These policies include a pro-evolution stance on Creationism, a Space Program, and Technology Grants.

Other Groups

The biggest rivals of the religious are the liberals, who favor modern, secular policies and the separation of church and state. The closest ally of the religious are the conservatives, who have similar positions on policies regarding public 'morality' such as prostitution, marriage, and stem cell research.

Pressure Groups

Religious people may join the peaceful Church of Christ. Some Religious citizens are more radical, especially in their regard for combating Liberal policies, and may join the violent Army of God.

In Democracy 3, dissatisfied religious people may join the Church of Christ to make their demands heard and, if ignored, may radicalize and join the Crusaders of The Lord.