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The Retired are a voter group.

Retirees are people who have reached retirement age (typically 65) and have retired from their jobs. Now that they're no longer working, their main concerns are living well, long, and safely as possible. To this end, their main concerns are having low Violent Crime rates, decent pensions, and a good standard of public health.


Retirees can't be commuters, parents, self employed, state employed, or young.


A high standard of Health and Technology, State Pensions, and a Winter Fuel Subsidy will lead to people living longer and retiring more.

Other Groups[]

Many government policies that benefit the retired also benefit the poor and are supported by socialists, but are seen by capitalists and the wealthy as wastes of money. However, retirees oppose taxes on property ownership, large estates, and inheritances, all of which are favored by socialists.

Pressure Groups[]

Retirees don't have their own pressure group, but wealthy retirees are even more likely to join the Heritage Society than normal.