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Socialists are a voter group.

Socialists are supporters of economic stability. They're mainly concerned about having a high rate of Equality and low rates of Poverty and Unemployment. To this end, they support progressive taxation, public welfare, and government-based subsidies to help people.


In Democracy 3, socialists are 25% more likely to be trade unionists and 20% more likely to be state employees.


Citizens are influenced to become socialists because of high socialism.

Other Groups[]

Almost every Socialist policy benefits the Poor, making the two groups close allies. However, since almost every Socialist policy harms the income of Capitalists and the Wealthy, the groups have a historically infamous blood feud.

Pressure Groups[]

Dissatisfied socialists - especially poor ones - may join the violent Socialist Army.

In Democracy 3, dissatisfied socialists - especially poor or trade unionist ones - may join the Communist Party to make their demands heard and, if ignored, may radicalize and join the Revolutionary Army.