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Tax Evasion is a situation where a nation's corporations or citizens begin committing tax scams and fraud in order to avoid paying their taxes. This gives a moderate penalty to income from Income Tax, Sales Tax, Corporate Tax and Capital Gains Tax. It also gives a penalty (but much smaller) for revenue from the Flat Income Tax policy.

Tax evasion is caused by a high Corporation Tax or Income Tax. Abolishing the corporate tax and lowering the income tax to 66% or lower should discourage people from tax evasion. However, Public Tax Returns can prevent tax evasion from happening or make evasion easily spotted.


Default: 30%

+Corporation Tax {0.3*(x^2)} (4)

+Income Tax {0.5*(x^2)} (4)

+Capital Gains Tax {0.12*(x^2)} (4)

+Flat Income Tax {0.6*(x^4)} (4)

+Sales Tax {0.22*(x^2)} (4)