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Technology is an abstract measurement of the level of access to technology in the nation, including how widespread internet access is, how well students understand technology, and what technologies the nation's industries use. It replaces Internet Access from Democracy 2.

High technology levels increase Productivity, decrease Unemployment, and increase the number of citizens who become Retired. If the technology rating falls below 62.5%, it'll harm the nation's Education rating, while anything about that will increase it.

Technology levels can be raised by high Science Funding, a Space Program, permitting Stem Cell Research, building Technology Colleges, and giving Technology Grants and Robotics Research Grants. Technology levels are harmed by low Science Funding, Internet Censorship, and an Internet Tax.


Default: 50%


+Productivity {0.15*(x^4)}

+/-Education {-0.1+(0.16*x)}

+Unemployment {0.2*(x^8)} (2)

Retired(population) {0.10*(x^4)} (16)