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Terrorism is a hidden value which measures a nation's risk of radical groups using violence against it in an attempt to change the nation's policies.


Terrorism is caused by high amounts of Racial Tension and bad Foreign Relations. It can be combated with well-funded Intelligence Services, high Military Spending, and extensive Border Controls. In extreme cases, enacting Curfews, Detention Without Trial, Wire Tapping, and/or Racial Profiling can help lower the risk of acts of terror.


Racial Tension {-0.2+(x^4)}

Foreign Relations {-0.2+(x^4)}

Border Controls {0-(0.1*x)}

Curfews {-0.1-(0.3*x)}

Detention Without Trial {-0.1-(0.1*x)}

Intelligence Services {0.2-(0.3*x)}

Military Spending {0-(0.2*x)}

Wire Tapping {-0.05-(0.15*x)}

Racial Profiling {-0.04-(-0.05*x)}

Police Drones {-0.1-(0.03*x)}