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Tourism is a measurement of a nation's tourism industry. It replaces the Tourism Boom situation from earlier versions of the game.

Tourism increases a nation's GDP by up to 12%.

A nation's tourism industry is primarily affected by its Foreign Relations and the state of the Global Economy, but it can also be encouraged by Arts Subsidies and a poor Currency Strength and discouraged by Airline Taxes, rampant Antisocial Behaviour, strict Border Controls, Class Warfare, a Contagious Disease, high Crime rates, Sales Taxes, the presence of Street Gangs, Vigilante Mobs, and high Violent Crime rates.


Default: 35%

Airline Tax {0-(0.3*x)}

Antisocial Behaviour {0-(0.1*x)}

Crime {0-(0.1*x)} (8)

Street Gangs {0-(0.3*x)}

Violent Crime {0-(0.2*x)} (8)

Foreign Relations {0+(0.4*x)} (4)

Border Controls {0-(0.22*x)}

Sales Tax {0-(0.05*x)}