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Some nations have a policy to set up a Welfare Fraud Department to investigate people receiving welfare payments and ensure that only people who actually need or deserve the payments are getting them.

The department will help stop fraudulent welfare payments, bringing in money and praise from conservatives and middle income earners. However, the investigations will also affect the lives of legitimate welfare recipients, upsetting the poor.


When government gives so much money out in welfare payments, it's essential that the money is correctly targeted and nit exploited by people making spurious claims. A dedicated fraud department will detect false claimants, recover lost money and reassure middle income tax payers that their taxes are being spent wisely, although it can antagonize legitimate claimants.

Political Capital[]

Implementation time: 3 Quarters

Raise cost: 3

Lower cost: 3

Cancel cost: 7


-Poor (0)

+Conservatives (0)

+Middle Income (0)