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General Description[]

Wire Tapping is a Law and Order policy in Democracy 3 that helps reduce crime and organised crime and upsetting the liberals.

In-game description[]

From law and order perspective, wire tapping is an essential weapon in the fight against organised crime and terrorism. The problem is that it's difficult to prevent misuse of such a system, and liberals are keen to point out how widespread wire tapping is a very sinister sign of a police state.


The slider goes from

-With Government Decree

- With Judicial Order

- On Police Request

- Widespread Use

- Universal Monitoring.

At minimum, you would not be able to decrease Organised Crime; at maximum, you would reduce Organised Crime by 26.61%. However, if you max out on it, you would anger the Liberals by 38.80% without much spending of money and only a 26 Political Capital cost.

Additional Benefits[]

  • Wire Tapping improves security and reduces chance of assassination.