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The Youth are a voter group in Democracy 3.

The youth are young adults; citizens able to vote but who are still considered young. Many of them will either be in, be considering, or have recently graduated from university.


Being very education-minded, the youth favor government-backed University Grants and Youth Club Subsidies while opposing Graduate Taxes. They highly value their relatively newfound freedom and independence, so they strongly oppose Internet Censorship, being forced into National Service, and any kind of Alcohol Law, even ones they're old enough not to be affected by. Finally, they typically have very little personal income, so they oppose both the Junk Food Tax and Recreational Drugs Tax, even though they have no particular view on Narcotics legislation as a whole.


By default, about 17% of voters will be part of the youth.

Other Voters[]

The young get along especially well with liberals, their parents, and socialists and usually side with the poor and the faculty of state-run colleges. The policies they favor can put them at odds with conservatives, capitalists, and patriots.

Members of the youth are 15% more likely to become environmentalists. Naturally, no member of the youth can be retired.

Pressure Groups[]

The youth don't have a lobbying group.